Sustainable Little Tokyo is a community-driven initiative working to ensure a healthy, equitable, and culturally rich Little Tokyo for generations to come. SLT began in 2013 as a multi-day community vision effort and has evolved into a holistic, neighborhood-wide campaign to promote the environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability of Little Tokyo.


The mission of Sustainable Little Tokyo is to develop a dynamic community-driven future for Little Tokyo through green initiatives, small business development, and cultural/arts programming that perpetuates its historic character for generations to come.


Sustainable Little Tokyo is a coalition between 4 Little Tokyo-based community organizations, Little Tokyo Business Association (LTBA), Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC), Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC), and Japanese Cultural & Community Center (JACCC); three Resource Partners—Enterprise Community Partners, Global Green, and Natural Resource Defense Council; and over 100 member organizations, artists, and volunteers. 

Organizational Partners

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Resource Partners



In the Japanese and Japanese-American communities, “Mottainai” is a familiar Japanese phrase, roughly translated as “Don’t be wasteful.” Recently in Japan, it has been adapted for an environmental campaign representing four "R" words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect—which expands on the Western practice of the first three R words. Respect the Earth, yourself, each other, and more.

Sustainability = Cultural + Economic + Environmental

Sustainable Little Tokyo is working to create a future for the neighborhood that:

  • Respects and promotes our Japanese American history and culture
  • Retains a strong community fabric
  • Sustains a robust economy with strong independent businesses
  • Embraces green technologies

Read the article from L.A. in Motion, "Envisioning Little Tokyo's Future as a Cultural Ecodistrict" and watch this video: